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How did the PODIUM 2 dashboard for buses win over major international manufacturers?

April 2019 News

How did the PODIUM 2 dashboard for buses win over major international manufacturers?

After creating the Podium dashboard, ACTIA has innovated and designed a second even more impressive version, for town buses and intercity transport. The new driver's cab, which is completely modular, compact and innovative, has already caught the eye of major European and even international bus manufacturers. Here’s a close-up look at this brand-new cab.


Podium 2: the bus dashboard with international appeal

After successfully conquering France’s major cities, Podium 2 is now being exported internationally and, in particular, is making its mark in Canada. The dashboard will be incorporated into nine-metre electric school buses which account for a significant market in North America. This adaptability to the American market has been facilitated by the close collaboration between ACTIA Group entities in Europe and the United States. Quebec-based companies, highly mindful of the comfort and working conditions of drivers, particularly appreciate the ergonomic design of the Podium 2 driver's cab.

ACTIA has been in China for 14 years with its ACTIA China subsidiary. Its customers include major bus manufacturers, to which it provides electronic solutions including multiplexed systems. This local presence in China is a key asset for the Group, which has good cultural and technical knowledge of the customer. ACTIA is therefore offering an adapted version of the European driver's cab that has been designed and assembled in China, demonstrating its ability to partially redesign a leading product by incorporating new specifications to address local demands. PODIUM 2 features a standard basic design that is modular and can be adequately adapted to make it a real international product.

Similarly, in India, the spectacular rise of the Podium 2 dashboard has led to the creation of a new assembly line enabling the driver's cab to be adapted to local needs. Operators on the Indian market will therefore be able to incorporate Podium 2 into various vehicle ranges: town buses and intercity transport. This is another real opportunity for ACTIA to expand its field of activities internationally and to strengthen its position on the highly dynamic market for dashboards in India.


The Podium 2 bus dashboard: ergonomic and customisable

Podium 2 is an ergonomic driver’s cab that complies with ISO 1621 “road vehicles”, ISO 16121-3 and VDV 234 standards. Its height and depth can be adjusted, enabling it to be adjusted to the driver’s profile. It has steering wheel controls, a central display with a Man-Machine Interface that can be adapted to city and intercity buses and to operators’ needs. The Podium 2 dashboard is therefore compatible with the ITxPT European label and is open to the different connected services that are essential to operators.

This version 2 of the dashboard has been created with a unique signature design. Podium 2 is in fact completely customisable with various colours and finishes. It can come with a dedicated configuration tool that enables each customer to define and optimise their combination. This customised service is particularly popular with both manufacturers and operators. ACTIA is continuing to expand the catalogue of available options and colours for its customers.

With Podium 2, ACTIA is reinforcing its international position on the market for dashboards and supports its customers in rising to various challenges, particularly the transition to electric vehicles. The various national and international contracts renewed or won by ACTIA are further opportunities to develop the modular nature of the Podium 2 dashboard and they all promise bright future prospects for the Group.


To find out more about ACTIA’s Podium 2 dashboard, click here: https://www.actia.com/en/press/news/item/Podium-2-Actia-new-dashboard-that-bus-drivers-will-like


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