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How ACTIA telematics contributes to the electrification of automobile fleets?

February 2020 News

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ACTIA makes its expertise in electrification and vehicle connectivity available to fleet managers, in developing the most optimal, eco-responsible and cost-effective fleet possible. In today’s world, ACTIA is committed to tackling the new challenges of connected, safe and sustainable mobility.


The ACTIA approach to an optimal fleet.

ACTIA solutions can be used to conduct a comprehensive audit of fleet activity. The My ACTIA Fleet software generates a detailed account of fleet activity, and does so vehicle by vehicle. It is this detailed interpretation that can be used to identify fully electrifiable and partially electrifiable vehicles (hybrids) and to rank them in order of priority (Note: priority vehicle = ambulance). This analysis also provides the requirements in terms of vehicle autonomy when choosing the range. It will be instrumental in defining the company’s car policy.


What information is available on My ACTIA Fleet?

  • Driving environment, i.e. the geographical distribution of the city / road / motorway for the journeys made,
  • Each vehicle’s daily activity: recording of distances travelled on each trip,
  • Measuring parking times at the company sites to determine the number of terminals to be installed.

Finally, the tool addresses the range needs and possible charging times at candidate charging sites.

With the geolocation option, managers have access to additional information such as the locations and charge times for each vehicle, in accordance with their use and the number of terminals required per site.

The measurement and verification phase compares vehicle choices and economic and environmental results, while verifying that the transition to EVs does not affect mobile staff assignments.

The ACTIA solution can be used to develop a new fleet that is as close as possible to the objectives set out by current regulations in force for fleet managers. This includes carbon footprint and environmental impact.

Managers will also be attentive to the impact of such an approach on the fluidity of vehicle missions and on the cost-effectiveness of their fleet and its TCO. The ACTIA solution therefore allows for the accurate calculation of the impact of a fleet’s energy transition and more specifically its return on investment.

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The ACTIA long-standing expertise in vehicle electrification

In the electric mobility market, ACTIA has well-established expertise. In the late 1990s, the group was associated with the development of the electric Kangoo, handling the engine control electronics. A technical success that made ACTIA a pioneer in the electric drive field.

ACTIA has gained a technological edge in power electronics and energy management while retaining its long-standing expertise in the automotive industry. ACTIA’s industrial organisation is a key success factor in this new electric vehicle market as the group knows how to support manufacturers right from the start of a venture.

Today the electric vehicle market is a reality with ACTIA actively participating in it as a major player. The group offers a line of efficient electric drive systems for a wide range of vehicles. The line of ACTIA drive systems is recognised for its energy performance and efficiency, which provides greater autonomy and uses less battery power. Taking into account all of the challenges, from integration to operation of the vehicle, makes ACTIA’s offer “best value”, benefiting from the group’s long-standing expertise in chassis/cab vehicle layout and power electronics.


ACTIA: more than 30 years of vehicle connectivity

For more than 30 years, ACTIA has been designing, manufacturing and operating electronics for systems management in various automotive fields.

Today, ACTIA consolidates its position in vehicle connectivity as a leading telematics equipment supplier for industrial and commercial vehicles. The group also took on the challenge of telematics for light vehicles and has “Premium” manufacturers among its customers.

This success in telematics is due to ACTIA’s engineering performance coupled with expertise in communication technologies and vehicle architecture.

This expertise in on-board solutions enhances a global offer in connectivity and services aimed at the group’s fleet management customers and professionals from maintenance, repair and vehicle inspection centre networks.