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Euro Repar Car Service confirms its confidence in ACTIA and opts for Multi-Diag Mobile 360

February 2018 News

The coach sector in South America

Euro Repar Car Service is the multi-make maintenance and repair network run by PSA group. By selecting Multi-Diag Mobile 360, Euro Repar CAR SERVICE is able to take full advantage of the proven expertise acquired by the ACTIA group as a result of more than 30 years’ experience with a wide range of car manufacturers including, of course, PSA.
The partnership between the Euro Repar CAR SERVICE network and ACTIA is long-standing and dates back to 2003. This robust partnership is founded on the locally-based relationship of trust that ACTIA strives to develop with each of its customers, as well as the valuable skills of a sales team made up of experts and enthusiasts from the car repair world who are ideally positioned to analyse and understand the networks’ specific needs.

By creating Multi-Diag Mobile 360, ACTIA provides a solution that is perfectly in line with the high quality standards PSA applies to automotive manufacturing. The service centres that are part of the EURO REPAR CAR SERVICE network are therefore held to the same standards of performance and technical specificity as those of a manufacturer’s tool. All servicing and repairs are systematically carried out according to the manufacturer’s recommendations and standards, which means the original warranty remains valid.

Multi-Diag Mobile 360 is a high-performance diagnostic tool that ties in with the ambitions of the EURO REPAR CAR SERVICE network. Its wide-ranging capabilities have convinced network stakeholders, who are keen to adopt this user-friendly, connected tool. The innovative, scalable tablet offers unique functions that make life easier for garage owners by boosting responsiveness and enhancing performance. Thanks to its connectivity, the tool lends itself to information sharing and pooling of fault types as well as maintenance and repair solutions, which in turn leads to the development of a community of professionals. In addition to the range of makes covered - 80% of all cars on the road -, Multi-Diag Mobile 360 is far more than just a diagnostic tool: it is a comprehensive, integrated solution for identifying a diagnostic fault code and repairing vehicles without delay. It is the first multi-make repair tool, exclusive to ACTIA.

By joining forces with Euro Repar CAR SERVICE, a fast-growing, multi-make network that currently includes over 1,400 garages in France and 3,000 in Europe, Multi-Diag Mobile 360 confirms its position as a benchmark tool for multi-make networks.


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