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Creation of the ACTIA Africa Company

June 2018 News

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The latest addition to the ACTIA group, ACTIA Africa, which was established in early April 2018, is making its ambitions on the African continent clear. The primary focus of this new company, established in Tunis, is to take advantage of the opportunities of a particularly dynamic economic ecosystem. The efforts of the new teams managed by Walid Rouis focus on the key markets and technologies that drive the success and development of ACTIA worldwide.

Increasing urbanisation, increasingly connected activities, increased needs in terms of individual and group mobility, electrification, and energy management are among the challenges for which ACTIA is able to provide solutions. Present in Tunis since 1997, with two electronic production sites and a Research and Development centre, the group is setting up a new subsidiary in order to deploy its products, solutions and services across the continent.

The main markets targeted by ACTIA Africa are energy distribution management, technical inspections and after-market electronic diagnostics for vehicles, passenger transport, and electric mobility. The group’s solutions in these markets are based on technological expertise recognised by many customers worldwide. Major manufacturers and operators in the automotive, rail and aerospace sectors therefore select ACTIA’s expertise in the design, production and operation of electronic systems.

JL PechAs a pioneer in the vehicle architecture sector (multiplexed architectures in particular), the power electronics or electronic diagnostics sector, and as a leader in HGV telematics and technical inspections, "ACTIA Africa has already become involved in initial projects in the sector for smartgrids or Passenger Information Systems in public transport" explains Walid Rouis, Managing Director of ACTIA Africa.

Jean-Louis Pech, CEO of the ACTIA group also states, "Our facilities in Tunisia contribute to what the ACTIA group is today. In the same way, ACTIA Africa will contribute towards what the group will be in the future".