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Connected vehicle: the interview of Christian Sahlén, ACTIA Nordic

March 2019 News

Connected vehicle: the interview of Christian Sahlén, ACTIA Nordic

Christian Sahlén, representative of ACTIA Nordic, presented the ACTIA group's expertise in connected vehicle at the January Gemalto Summit in Athens.

Can you remind us who Gemalto is?
Gemalto is a multinational company specializing in communication and digital security. Recently acquired by Thales, the group is a world leader in digital security.

Tell us about the Athens summit
We have been invited to this IT Gemalto Summit as a key partner, our collaboration with Gemalto is solid. This Athens summit brings together the most exciting experts in the industry. The leading IoT companies share their successes in some of the most dynamic sectors and the event provides a direct view of the evolution of the IoT market. It is a very rewarding meeting for ACTIA and for all participants.

What was your subject in Athens?
Gemalto asked me to elaborate on the technological development in the automotive industry (from 1928 to 2019) and with a focus on connectivity and autonomous cars. At ACTIA, we believe in the future of connected things. A future where everything is smart and connected. We already connect cars, trucks, buses, cranes, and other machinery.

What is ACTIA's expertise on the subject?
Our long experience and our high level of expertise have created our strong position in the market, where ACTIA represents 10% of the telematics market for light vehicles and more than 35% of the truck fleet management market. Our commitment is to develop and manufacture the latest technologies in telematics and diagnostics. ACTIA products support many features that combine connectivity and diagnostics such as Remote Services (eg, lock / unlock your car), eCall, Wi-Fi, Stolen Vehicle Tracking, Remote Diagnostics, Collect fleet management data ... Etc. More than two million telematics boxes have been produced by the group's factories.

What is ACTIA's asset on a sector?
The ACTIA group is not the largest player, but one of the fastest. Our challenge is to maintain our leadership position. The long experience of connectivity, deep knowledge of the integrated system, vehicle architecture and the surrounding infrastructure, are the key to our success.

Who are your customers?
We target the cross segment market and use our wide technical experience to canvass the market verticals, Cars, Truck & Bus as well as Asset Management. Our offered solutions are based on Connectivity and Remote diagnostics covering all these segments.