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Anti-pollution by ACTIA

February 2017 News

Anti-pollution by ACTIA

ACTIA anti-pollution equipment fully in line with the Group’s commitments.

Even as the technical inspection of light vehicles in France, certainly one of the most thorough worldwide, celebrates its 25th anniversary this year, ACTIA recorded a remarkable year in this sector in 2016. With nearly 3,000 centres equipped and 36,600 vehicles inspected every day with the brand’s equipment, ACTIA, a historical player and a pioneer in technical inspection, maintains its position as market leader.

ACTIA lends its expertise to the challenges of the automotive world in a constantly changing certified environment. ACTIA also takes part in developing standards in collaboration with certifying authorities. This was the case recently for the development of the OTCLAN communication protocol, applicable to all inspection equipment in France since 1 July 2016.
In line with its environmentally-friendly commitments, ACTIA has historically offered a range of anti-pollution inspection equipment. These include autonomous and universal OBD test equipment and a range of gas analysers and opacimeters.

Today, ACTIA is supporting the Energy Transition Act which aims for more stringent control of harmful emissions, including NOx (nitrogen oxide and dioxide) and fine particulate matter during technical inspections. Participating in an experimental phase for the future inspection equipment to be approved, under the auspices of the French Directorate General for Environment and Climate (DGEC) and in collaboration with the Central Technical Organization for Technical Vehicle Inspection (UTAC-OTC), ACTIA offers the only solution based on a dynamic load test bench. This bench makes it possible to measure reliable and relevant data, which are quite similar to the actual conditions of vehicle use. “This bench can be easily installed flat, without the need for civil engineering work, and actually reduces installation costs. The ACTIA bench is currently being tested in one of the two SECURITEST pilot centres, a network of our partner SGS”, said Guillaume Venant, in charge of this project at ACTIA.

Staying one step ahead always and offering equipment at the cutting edge of standards: this fuels ACTIA’s ambitions to tackle the challenges of the most demanding markets. ACTIA’s commitments are reflected in its ambitious work on key issues affecting the world today, such as mobility, connectivity, safety, and the environment.