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ARDIA, an ACTIA group subsidiary specialised in engineering, becomes ACTIA Engineering Services

July 2019 News

ARDIA, an ACTIA group subsidiary specialised in engineering, becomes ACTIA Engineering Services

Created in 2005 to support the group’s drive to develop its engineering expertise, especially in the software field, ARDIA, a subsidiary of the ACTIA group located in Tunis, is changing its name to become ACTIA Engineering Services. This change reflects the subsidiary’s high level of integration and its considerable contribution to the group’s business and international growth. It also conveys ACTIA Engineering Services’ shift towards a broader range of activities, including, for example, product development, along with product qualification and certification.

ACTIA Engineering Services employs some 420 people – headcount was just 5 when ARDIA was created in 2005 – at new site which opened its doors to teams in May. The site boasts 10,500 square metres of office space, laboratories, and welcoming social areas designed and fitted out to welcome up to 750 employees.

This site is a perfect illustration of the two pillars of ACTIA Engineering Services: technology and people. For example, the company has invested in cutting-edge design and simulation software, as well as in the creation of a thermomechanical laboratory which is unique in North Africa. At the same time, a lot of effort has been put into Quality of Life in the Workplace, with the aim of creating conditions that promote optimal levels of engagement among teams. There is little room for doubt about the company’s ambition: “to be an exemplary employer by developing skills, promoting high performance and encouraging employees to stay with us in the long term”.


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The corporate mindset of ACTIA Engineering Services is clearly defined by an entrepreneurial spirit and the values conveyed at group level: an uncompromising approach to quality, innovation, customer responsiveness and independence. These values guide ACTIA’s choices, regarding its international presence as well as the mark it makes locally, in the places from which its various subsidiaries operate.

Like all the companies in the ACTIA group, ACTIA Engineering Services invests in its local ecosystem - a particularly dynamic ecosystem - in order to make a positive contribution to its growth.

With a special focus on in-house topics and issues related to its environment, ACTIA Engineering Services is a growing company that is getting involved in worthwhile projects. Proof lies in the innovation prize it received on 20 June, at the opening ceremony of the 2019 Tunisia Investment Forum. This prize rewards the efforts made by ACTIA Engineering Services in Tunisia, and those of the ACTIA group, to promote research and innovation in the fields of mobility, smart grids and telecommunications.



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