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ARBOS Group & ACTIA Partnership

January 2018 News

ARBOS Group & ACTIA Partnership

ACTIA, market leader in the development of solutions for the electronic management of vehicles, and the ARBOS group, which aims to play a leading role in the production of agricultural tractors with the brands Arbos, Goldoni, Matermacc, have decided to consolidate their technological partnership through a new and important collaboration for the configuration, updating and electronic diagnosis of the ARBOS group’s vehicles.

The electronic management of the vehicle is an aspect always more important also in the agricultural field, both for the introduction of new regulations related to the world of pollutant emissions, and for the introduction of specific regulations (mother regulations).

With its thirty years of experience, ACTIA together with ARBOS, is preparing a series of solutions for the electronic management of ARBOS vehicles in the various phases of a vehicle life: from the management of the vehicle electronics in production lines up to the management of updates and real-time repair at the dealers, making the most of the latest server-based technologies for a high integration of vehicle electronic data.