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AES.2, first Ethernet Switch, labeled ITxPT and EN50155

October 2018 News

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The Automotive Ethernet Switch, the AES.2, has obtained its railway certification EN50155, after being labeled ITxPT.

ACTIA, founding member of ITxPT, certifies its range of embedded communication equipment, starting with the MADT (Multi Applications Driver Terminal) and the AES.2 (Automotive Ethernet Switch), the first switch labeled by the consortium.

The ITxPT requirements for interoperability for public transport fleets aim to reduce costs through equipment pooling, allow more flexibility and optimize performance.

The AES.2, first Automotive Ethernet Switch labeled ITxPT (PoE+ - Power Over Ethernet- in option) has passed with success the last EN50155 railway certification tests. After being the first switch labeled by the ItxPT consortium in 2017, it has been officially certified for railway in june 2018.


Designed for the transportation industry, the AES.2 range is convenient and innovative!

Convenient by the spaced positionning of its M12 connectors, it strongly facilitates the installation operations inside technical cabinets not very accessible and already full of products.

Innovative because it integrates new features on CAN interface, such as configuration and diagnostics of switches, but also the network itself. This drastically simplifies vehicle operations at after sales level as well as OEM level, with the possibility of implementing End-Of-Line tests for example.

With the AES.2 PoE+ version, users have a 55V internal PoE power supply that saves external power and cabling costs, which is unique on the market. Many european transport authorities have already adopted AES switch by ACTIA.


certif ferro AES2 EN