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ACTIA is taking up the Eco-driving challenge

July 2018 News

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On World Environment Day, eco-driving had pride of place at the ACTIA headquarters. Employees attended a presentation on the right behaviour to be adopted for eco-friendly driving. This event also involves an internal eco-driving challenge. The light vehicle telematics unit, ACTIA ICAN, will record vehicle data and determine who will win the Wonderbox - family weekend offered as a prize.

Adopting responsible driving

For this new stage in the EcoMobile Good Practices internal programme, a number of employees gathered at the headquarters garage for a workshop dedicated to eco-driving. Vincent BARREMAECKER, who works for Maxis Conseil, shared the good practices necessary to drive in a more eco-friendly manner. As a partner of road professionals, this organisation provides support to the drivers’ teams, particularly in the area of goods transport, training in economy driving, comfort and environmental awareness. An opportunity for employees to learn the two essential rules for this type of driving, which combines thinking ahead and using the engine speed. The participants, keen to assess their own practices, eagerly took to the competition and are confident that they can win the prize weekend.

ACTIA ICAN at the heart of the challenge

The ACTIA Connected Vehicles BU is challenging employees to adopt the principles of eco-friendly driving on a daily basis. About ten challengers can expect fifteen days of competition: one week of driving according to their usual habits, followed by a second one to practice eco-driving. Being connected in each participant’s vehicle, ACTIA ICAN will measure everyone’s driving. Based on the scores, the winner will be determined through an analysis of the vehicle data via the My ACTIA Fleet telematics platform.

This challenge is part of ACTIA’s responsible approach, and raises employee awareness of the behaviour associated with eco-driving, while they compete with each other to try to win a weekend the whole family will enjoy.


A safe trip to them all!

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