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ACTIA working with Prestigious Higher Education Establishments

February 2017 News

ACTIA working with Prestigious Higher Education Establishments

ACTIA has been working with 3rd-year students at the Automatic Electrical Engineering Department at ENSEEIHT (Higher National Electrotechnical, Electronic, Computer Science, Hydraulics and Telecommunications School) to enable them to gain first-hand professional experience. Based on specifications provided by ACTIA and working in project groups, the students drew up a comprehensive technical proposal following the procedure for industrial calls for tenders. Students learnt and applied a pragmatic industrial approach in order to design an electromechanical system for the electric vehicle in question.

“ACTIA provided the electrical vehicle specification concerning the mechatronic system being studied. For this 2016-2017 exercise, twenty two students were tasked with the design of an electric bus power chain based on assisted reluctance motor technology, cutting-edge technology in terms of electric motors for the automobile sector,” points out Guillaume Porte, a graduate ENSEEIHT engineer himself and employee of ACTIA within the company's Electric Vehicle department. Expert in the field of motor control functions, he was the students' main point of contact for the duration of the project.

In particular, ACTIA supported the students through the different milestones of this industrial project, starting with the Kick-Off Meeting (KOM), followed by the Preliminary Design Review (PDR), the Detailed Design Review (DDR) and the Final Review at which the optimised technological solution was presented. During this presentation, overseen by a panel of judges made up of professors and corporate professionals, the students presented their solution, justifying their choices, design and technologies used.

This partnership between ACTIA and prestigious French higher education establishments illustrates the group's desire to source talent in order to continue innovating. With annual investments in Research and Development amounting to 15% of annual turnover, and a workforce of more than 750 engineers and technicians worldwide, ACTIA places innovation at the heart of its strategy, both when developing new products and services and when fine-tuning its processes. It is with this in mind that new graduate employees are taken on each year to invest in a vibrant future.