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ACTIA supports the coach sector in South America

January 2018 News

The coach sector in South America

In keeping with its spirit of conquest, and on the strength of its presence in Latin America with two existing subsidiaries (ACTIA de Mexico and ACTIA do Brasil), the ACTIA Group is increasing its commercial presence on the coach and bus market in countries where these industries have a strong presence. In response to the commercial potential of the countries in the Pacific Alliance and Mercosur (such as Peru, Colombia, Argentina and Chile), ACTIA is devoting a new sales and support team exclusively to this zone.

In many emerging countries on the American continent, coaches are the most important mode of transport. The rail network being very poorly developed in this part of the world, many companies set up regular coach lines. The coach market is also boosted by the development of tourism in these countries, with a range of high-end vehicles offering on-board equipment and high-tech services like touch-screens, VOD, Wi-Fi, on-board internet and other multimedia applications. There are many fleet managers in this zone, including some major players, as well as big manufacturers and coach-builders such as: IRIZAR, BUSSCAR, MODASA, and of course MARCOPOLO, a Brazilian brand and a customer of ACTIA, which is known worldwide as one of the largest coach-builders in the world.

As a long-standing partner of European bus and coach manufacturers and a pioneer in multiplexed electronic architecture and on-board infotainment, ACTIA is able to offer innovations which meet the major challenges of mobility. These include: passenger safety and comfort, driver safety and comfort, environmental protection and management imperatives, which allow manufacturers to stand out in the eyes of their operator and integrator customers.

ACTIA supports the coach sector in South America

On these specific markets, where the distances are huge, the commitments of quality, service, local support and remote diagnostics are vital. ACTIA ensures that it is able to meet all of these challenges, with its proven technology, and its expertise in support and diagnostics.

ACTIA’s international presence and R&D capacities allow its offers to be adapted to local requirements and characteristics, for a high level of service availability. By carefully controlling the production of its products in its plants, in a certified industrial environment that meets automotive standards (ISO TS 16949, PPMs, N0 repair, etc.), ACTIA guarantees top quality. The group’s strategic areas, particularly in telematics and electric drive, allow its customers to stay ahead of future challenges.