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ACTIA strengthens its vehicle inspection partnerships in Southeast Asia

March 2020 News

ACTIA strengthens its vehicle inspection partnerships in Southeast Asia

After its work in Malaysia in 2019*, ACTIA has recently equipped vehicle inspection centres in the Philippines and Laos with test benches for light vehicles, heavy goods vehicles and motorcycles. The solutions offered by ACTIA fulfil the requirements of the three major players in vehicle inspection: public bodies, vehicle inspection centre networks and independent dealerships. These three potential specifiers give ACTIA, the French equipment manufacturer, the opportunity to demonstrate its ability to adapt and to generate opportunities to establish themselves in these new countries, as they make vehicle inspection mandatory in order to make their vehicle fleets safer and greener.


A success driven by strong, long-standing partnerships

In the Philippines, the first of 40 vehicle inspection centres was opened under the brand name QWIK. The event was held at the end of the year in Angeles (Pampanga province) and was attended by numerous officials. A long-standing partner of the ACTIA group in the region, QWIK is a private company accredited by the Land Transportation Office (LTO) to carry out road-holding tests for private vehicles. QWIK is committed to complying with government directives and policies by ensuring that it only uses fully reliable and trustworthy inspection equipment, such as that offered by ACTIA, a major player in the automotive after-sales market.

In Ventiane, the capital of Laos, ACTIA installed two vehicle inspection lines for light and heavy goods vehicles. GIIC (http://giindustry.com/), which distributes ACTIA products in Laos, has been a partner of the group since 1995. It also distributes ACTIA equipment in Thailand and Cambodia.

Whilst this approach has been in place longer and is more progressive in Laos, the vehicle management policy is more recent and is implemented on a larger scale in the Philippines.


ACTIA equipment: the key to a safer road environment

In the Philippines, the 39 QWIK centres equipped by ACTIA will each feature two lines for light vehicles and two lines for motorcycles. They will be managed through ACTIA's Vehicle Inspection Management System (VIMS). ACTIA’s Vehicle Inspection Management System manages all of the centre’s services through a single program: intake, appointment management, check-out, reports, local settings, and more. The data is recorded and directly transmitted to governmental authorities thanks to the interconnectivity of all of ACTIA's equipment. To ensure the inspection's integrity, the inspector does not have access to the vehicle's results.

The Philippine government is making road safety a priority. In 2011, it launched a road safety action plan with the quantified objective of halving the number of road fatalities. This plan involves deploying an engine inspection system for high-tech vehicles, in conjunction with the national maintenance program and standards. In the Philippines, whilst road mortality has increased in recent decades, the authorities are now determined to reduce it significantly with results anticipated from as early as this year! QWIK PMVIC is the first of the 138 centres slated to be established throughout the country and authorised by the LTO.


Equipment subject to thorough testing

It's a major challenge, since the plan intends for vehicle inspection to be mandatory for all vehicles. In addition to safety concerns, older vehicles also raise issues pertaining to environmental pollution standards. With expected rates of 200 vehicles per day per inspection line: side slip, brake and suspension test benches, opacimeter, etc. The ACTIA equipment will no doubt be put to the test.

ACTIA's equipment has long proven its worth, however, and ACTIA is supporting other emerging countries in their rigorous, large-scale policies to combat road pollution and address road safety issues**. ACTIA ensures a good operational level of its lines and software solutions for its customers, guaranteeing a reliable and stable system for the manager.

In addition to the reliability of the equipment, ACTIA's technical unit ensures the deployment, installation, maintenance, setting up, and after-sales configuration of the software. When ACTIA equipment is commissioned, our specialised technicians perform all the operational checks, assist the customer in using their new equipment, offer advice on maintenance, and explain the safety rules,... Incorporating a comprehensive range of services into its various offers is another one of ACTIA's ambitious commitments, and also a token of confidence. This goes to show that with these latest successes in Asia, ACTIA’s vehicle inspection services are reinforcing their position as global leader.


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