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ACTIA strengthens its partnership with AIRBUS

March 2018 News

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Just as the aeronautics business is growing fast, ACTIA, a specialist in the design and production of electronic on-board systems, is increasing its production pace and product volumes in the sector this year.

20 years of EMS expertise
ACTIA has been producing circuit boards and electronic equipment in the civil and military aeronautics sector for 20 years, especially flight control-related avionics equipment. The ACTIA group, which in 2008 became the first European EMS group to gain NadCap accreditation (requiring a very high standard in special electronics assembly procedures for the aeronautics sector) has just renewed its certification for the next two years.

Full industrial responsibility
AIRBUS is strengthening its trust in this established partnership and is now giving ACTIA wider responsibility for products that the group produces for the aircraft manufacturer. In a context of tight constraints on product design and the supply of “critical” components, ACTIA provides high-level expertise in supporting electronic design, mechanics, the industrialisation of calculators and production testing. With its growing skills, human resources and technical resources, ACTIA designs and produces its own production testing equipment, organised around an ecosystem that aims to maximise profitability of CMS lines providing the best possible compliance (FPY).



Francois Contou Carrere« ACTIA takes full industrial responsibility for the products it makes. In the case of such sensitive product ranges, this is a strong sign of trust from AIRBUS. The teams have developed a true technical partnership. They provide expert technological solutions in design for manufacturing, production or tests. Our component expertise is also recognised by all of our EMS and aeronautics customers, for whom we provide consulting and know-how. »

Head of the ACTIA Group’s Aeronautics Defence & Space Business Unit