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ACTIA’s Living Lab experience

July 2017 News

ACTIA’s Living Lab experience

In the new landscape of open innovation, Living Labs are experiencing considerable growth on an international scale. ACTIA, working in close proximity to its customers and in a constant effort to improve its products and services, is experimenting with this collaborative approach to innovation research.

ACTIA is capitalising on the feedback on professional use from a community of car garages using Multi-Diag 360 (a diagnostic and repair tool benchmark). This allows it to improve its range of services and fine-tune diagnostic methods, for the benefit of multi-make or manufacturer networks.

This approach, facilitated by a multi-stakeholder collaboration between R&D teams and experts in diagnostic and repair methods, places the workshop at the heart of innovation by capitalising on User Experience. The objective is to carry out a strategic analysis of the potential uses of new technologies and to develop and integrate criteria such as ergonomics, empathy, ease of use, etc., in order to facilitate the everyday activities of workshops.

The sharing of professional practices with customers of the ACTIA brand not only enriches the innovation process but also helps user workshops to better appropriate the new services and functionalities produced. Multi-Diag 360, a multi-purpose tool, is used today at all workstations in the shop: it has become the technician’s personal tool for day-to-day activities, from reception to the workshop supervisor. ACTIA’s Living Lab experience promotes, co-creates and experiments with innovations to tackle the challenges of the increasingly demanding world of auto diagnostics and repair. In view of the increasing complexity of vehicles, the advent of the connected and soon autonomous vehicle, combined with the competitiveness constraints of automotive maintenance and repair networks, ACTIA is seeking to build on this relevant approach in an effort to constantly improve the performance of its customers: workshops of today and tomorrow.