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ACTIA opens Fiat Security Gateway to garage owners

July 2020 News

ACTIA opens Fiat Security Gateway to garage owners

Multi-Diag, ACTIA’s multi-make diagnostic and repair tool, provides a quick, guided procedure for unlocking the secure access system (Security Gateway) of recent FIAT Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) vehicles.



Since January Multi-Diag opens the FIAT Chrysler lock.

Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) recently implemented a secure gateway control unit, known as Security Gateway, which has been introduced on certain vehicle models since 2018. For vehicles equipped with the Security Gateway, access to certain diagnostic functions requires unlocking via authentication using a diagnostic tool certified by the manufacturer.

Multi-Diag has been able to offer a complete guided procedure for vehicles equipped with a Security Gateway. The lock is released in just two steps and the user can perform all diagnostic operations.

ACTIA has been a partner to automobile manufacturers for more than 30 years, and stands ready to provide aftermarket and repair professionals with the access they will need as soon as other manufacturers introduce their secure access system.



Why Security Gateways?

Recent vehicles can integrate more than 100 control units connected to several networks such as CAN (Control Area Network), LIN (Local Interconnect Network), FlexRay and Ethernet. A gateway is a central hub that interconnects and processes data securely and reliably on these vehicle networks.

Gateways allow manufacturers to design more secure vehicle networks to improve the driver experience.

Gateway security mechanisms can help significantly reduce the risk of cyberattacks to maximise driver safety.



What solution for multi-make garage owners?

Car manufacturers are developing solutions to protect their vehicle networks from unauthorised access, including potential cyberattacks.

These systems require authorised access for diagnostic tools to perform the necessary analyses and repairs. But how do multi-make garage owners deal with this?

The system is called Security Gateway and consists of a control unit positioned between the EOBD socket and the vehicle's CAN network. Among other things, the security gateway blocks certain fundamental functions, for example: resetting the maintenance indicator.

To diagnose and repair the vehicle, the garage owner needs to interrogate the vehicle's CAN network. To unlock the Security Gateway, the diagnostic tool must retrieve an authentication certificate from the manufacturer's site in order to access the functions of the vehicle's ECUs. Therefore, the user must have a diagnostic tool approved by the manufacturer (such as Multi-Diag) and purchase a subscription on the latter's site.


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