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ACTIA, committed to modernising public transport in Tunisia!

April 2018 News

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A mobile app to enhance the passenger experience.
In partnership with the regional company of Bizerte, and under the supervision of the Ministry of Transport and the Ministry of Communication Technologies and Digital Economy, ACTIA has set up a mobile Passenger Information System (PIS), perfectly tailored for the Tunisian context.

This mobile application improves the quality of service of transport companies by providing information in real time on:

  • Closest stop,
  • Bus lines for each stop,
  • Estimated arrival time of the next bus,
  • Theoretical timetable for each line.

Bizerte - Tunis Carthage Airport: the pilot line.
A pilot line has been designated for testing this solution, namely, line 103: Bizerte - Tunis Carthage Airport. One more step towards Bizerte Smart City!

A project led by ACTIA's Tunisian team.
This project was carried out by the Group’s Tunisian team, thus sparing the government the burden of heavy investments. A first component has been set up to digitize the public transport network, make our buses smart and improve the passenger experience.

ACTIA has been active in Tunisia since 1997 with four subsidiaries (CIPI ACTIA, ARDIA, ACTIA Tunisie and ACTIA AFRICA) employing more than 1,270 people including 400 engineers and managers.


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