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ACTIA at the Heart of Innovation in the Smart Grids Sector

February 2017 News

ACTIA at the Heart of Innovation in the Smart Grids Sector

Since 2008, Smart Grids have been at the centre of significant research and development efforts in France, the European leader in terms of investment in this field. Over 108 demonstrators have thus been deployed across French territory (source: Think SmartGrids).

The French Environment and Energy Management Agency (ADEME) recently published a report on the Smart Grids demonstrators which it has supported under the Future Investments programme (Investissements d’Avenir). The report (in French) can be consulted. The ACTIA group's Telecoms division, with over 30 years of recognized experience in Electrical Energy Transport and Distribution networks, supports the development of Smart Grids. It is participating in several ADEME-approved projects, especially as part of its collaboration with ENEDIS (ex ERDF). These projects aim to provide a full-scale testing ground for much-anticipated functions and services: contribution to local management of intermittent generation, of demand fluctuation and of any associated network constraints, as well as assistance in controlling energy consumption more effectively.

The ACTIA Telecom division’s references in the energy distribution, storage and production sector attest to the sustainability, reliability and scalability of the systems and products that the Group offers in France and abroad.

For the Flex Grid project developed in the Provence-Alpes-Côte D’Azur region, focusing on Advanced Network Functions, ACTIA provides ENEDIS with smart measuring sensors for each outgoing line (Voltage, Active and Reactive Power). These sensors enable more precise and widespread measurement on the network: www.flexgrid.fr

The Smart Grid Vendée project tests the integration of NREs (New and Renewable Energies) and network operation. ACTIA manages the integration of additional measurements into the ENEDIS component: smartgridvendee.fr

Smart Occitania works to optimise an electricity network for a rural or isolated zone. This involves energy storage, the production of alternative energies, energy co-production (production by the customer) and voluntary islanding which allows safe back-up in the event of a network failure. ACTIA has recognised specific expertise in the field, having worked notably to secure the electricity network of Tahiti: an extremely isolated zone.

For each of the issues, the lessons learned from these projects are positive and allow new advances and wider deployment to be envisaged.

France's expertise in Smart Grids is now recognised abroad. ACTIA is a Partner Member of the Think Smartgrids association, which intends to create a “French Team” for Smart Electricity Networks (SENs), and help the sector take its place among main international players.

“Smart Electricity Networks” are one of the priorities of the French policy to reclaim Industry, with a potential of 25,000 jobs and a 6 billion euro turnover by 2020 in mainland France (source: Flexgrid). ACTIA is proud to be contributing to this momentum which will benefit the energy and industrial sectors with a positive impact on the economy and society.

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