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ACTIA and INSA Toulouse partner together

June 2019 News

ACTIA and INSA Toulouse partner together

Technology transforms the way we live, think and work. Its impact on society plays a major role in the development of smart mobility. Envisioning technologies for a humanist and inclusive society will be one of the challenges that the new generations of INSA engineers will have to meet.

ACTIA, the Toulouse-based international group specialising in electronic on-board systems, has renewed its sponsorship for a 5-year period, jointly creating with INSA Toulouse the “Smart mobility: civic, sustainable and responsible” Chair supported by the INSA Toulouse Foundation.

The ACTIA/INSA partnership is built around three specific programmes that are part of the “Smart mobility: civic, sustainable and responsible” Chair:

  • Support for the INSA education model, that of a humanist engineer. ACTIA will support the Foundation’s cross-cutting activities (grants, on-campus initiatives, etc.), the Equality & Diversity programme and the “Science & Humanism” lecture series in collaboration with the Centre Gaston Berger.
  • A “Smart Mobility” programme to create, on a regional scale, a laboratory for technological and societal experimentation at the INSA Toulouse campus. The programme includes: investment in equipment (network infrastructure, autonomous vehicle), student projects, creation of a multi-year interdisciplinary connected campus project, support for the association Toulouse Ingénierie Multidisciplinaire (TIM), and much more.
  • A Campus programme building on the previous partnership. ACTIA will pursue its action internationally via mobility grants for incoming and outgoing students. The support programme for Mechanical Engineering, Automatics-Electronics and IT-Networks streams aims to support the training of engineering students, and strengthen links between students and ACTIA.

Through this ambitious partnership, ACTIA and INSA Toulouse have a shared responsibility: develop a transdisciplinary INSA expertise on smart mobility and train humanist and responsible INSA engineers capable of taking into account the impacts of technology on the society of the future.

“ACTIA’s international commitment for smart mobility - connected, sustainable and secure - guides our technology orientations. Significant investments are devoted to research and development in this area as well as to the training of our teams on highly specific topics related to connectivity and security. The partnership with the INSA Toulouse Foundation and the joint creation of this chair are perfectly in harmony with this commitment”. Renaud Hanus, Director of Technology and Innovation, ACTIA.

“The “Smart Mobility” Chair created in partnership with ACTIA is a wonderful catalyst to accelerate the approach undertaken by INSA in recent years in the fields of energy, security and connected objects. This is an opportunity for enhanced collaboration between industry and future engineers to develop the innovative spirit of our students around connected autonomous electric vehicles in a campus which we hope will become increasingly smart through this programme.” Thierry Monteils, professor-researcher in the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department, INSA Toulouse.


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About ACTIA – http://www.actia.com/
Founded in 1986, the ACTIA Group is a family-owned, medium-sized international company with its head office in France. This family aspect guarantees the Group’s sustainability and independence, with a constantly renewed entrepreneurial drive. ACTIA designs and manufactures electronics for system management in the highly-demanding automotive, rail, aerospace, defence, energy, and telecommunications sectors. ACTIA’s commitments are reflected in the Group’s ambitious work on key issues affecting the world today, such as mobility, connectivity, safety, and the environment. ACTIA achieved a consolidated turnover of €476.5 million in 2018, 70% of which was generated internationally. The Group has more than 3,700 employees in 16 countries.

About INSA Toulouse Foundation - http://fondation.insa-toulouse.fr/
Created in 2007, INSA Toulouse University Foundation enables businesses and individuals to work together for the development of the Institute. Supporting the Foundation is a tool that enhances the social responsibility of its partners. It offers new means for INSA Toulouse to address scientific, technological and societal challenges, promote the INSA model and contribute to its expansion. The three thematic areas supported by the Foundation are: acting for inclusion and diversity; supporting training and research at the forefront of innovation; and supporting on-campus entrepreneurship and initiatives.

About INSA Toulouse – http://www.insa-toulouse.fr/
With more than 16,000 engineers in all sectors of the economy and an annual scientific output of more than 500 scientific articles in the best international journals, the Institut National des Sciences Appliquées de Toulouse, a state-owned international multidisciplinary engineering school is recognised for the excellence of its 5-year post-baccalaureate programme and the quality of its research, from fundamental research to technology transfer covering the major issues facing society in the 21st century.