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ACTIA and 360° customer service

November 2017 News

ACTIA and 360° customer service

ACTIA has developed a 360° strategy and placed the customer at the heart of that approach. It makes customer satisfaction a crucial issue. The approach relies on special relationships and productive cooperation with all of the market's players: distributors, independent repair shops, fast fitters, branded dealerships, technical inspection centres, rental companies, etc. The ACTIA after-market team, made up of automotive repair experts and enthusiasts, has demonstrated for more than 30 years its ability to analyse, understand, and anticipate the specific needs of each customer. The team relies on the company's human dimension to support each individual, encouraging creativity and collective intelligence. In this way, ACTIA has developed a culture of customer service that involves all of the company's employees. ACTIA is not content with simply responding to problems. ACTIA has established a proactive approach that engages all stakeholders in a win-win relationship.


Richard VANDOMME"The vehicle repair business is constantly evolving and becoming more complex, with more and more areas that mechanics must become experts in for their day-to-day work. ACTIA has the ability to listen, reinvent itself, anticipate the needs of customers, and respond to those needs with comprehensive 360° services that are essential, easy to use, and innovative. Our goal is to provide each of our customers with practical services that have smooth procedures and can be quickly implemented on the ground. I am delighted to support our customers during this latest edition of Equip Auto, an important event that brings cohesion to the entire market."

France Sales Director - ACTIA After-Market Department