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ACTIA Telecom on the starting blocks for Smart Occitania

February 2018 News

Logo Smart Occitania

The experimental phase has kicked off for the Smart Occitania project, coordinated by ENEDIS, with ACTIA Telecom as one of the main technical partners. The project demonstrates smart electricity networks in a rural environment, based on the enhanced electricity distribution network of a Telecom infrastructure.

ACTIA Telecom technical partner
The experiments involve manufacturers and academics working together to industrialise adapted Smart Grid solutions for rural areas. The Energy division of ACTIA Telecom, a subsidiary of the international ACTIA group, is a top-level technical partner in the project.

Innovative demonstrators to support the energy transition
Among the 25 demonstrators tested in France and Europe, here a hydrogen generator will provide non-electrical storage of intermittent green energies. ACTIA Telecom is putting all its expertise into integrating such a generator in the electricity network. It aims to provide solutions allowing the optimised management and use of medium and low-voltage networks through a network that can be monitored and controlled remotely.

Predictive maintenance of networks
Connected devices and computerised calculation devices integrated into the network by ACTIA Telecom will identify the areas in the rural distribution network that are most likely to fail in the next 3 years, along with the associated causes. This predictive management will allow optimum functioning of the network, based on simulations that take into account the requirements and constraints of different network users.

ACTIA Telecom’s recognised expertise
In this way, ACTIA Telecom is supporting the development of Smart Grids at various levels in the pyramid of energy flow measures and controls. ACTIA incorporates new aspects relating to innovative information and communication technologies for more flexible, optimised network management.

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