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ACTIA’s IHMI, the first "MADT" to receive ITxPT

September 2018 News

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ACTIA’s IHMI is the first MADT module (Multi Applications Driver Terminal) to be ITxPT certified.

The first driver terminal MADT ACTIA validated with success the tests according to the latest V2.0 specifications. This console, already used by several integrators of OSS-PIS and ticketing systems guarantees interoperability and plug and play in ITxPT vehicle architectures.

This unique driver terminal is connected to the vehicle’s ITxPT Ethernet network. He is shared by different applications such as OSS (Operational Support System), PIS (Passenger Information System), ticketing, etc. By avoiding multiple consoles on the dashboard, ACTIA’s MADT makes work easier for the driver and facilitates the installation and maintenance of on-board systems on the bus. With its performance, it is able to host third-party applications so as to streamline on-board equipment.



« ACTIA’s MADT is an open product that can be adapted to all ITxPT architectures. It can be integrated into the vehicle dashboard as original equipment, and guarantees vehicle manufacturers the advantage of all of ACTIA’s know-how with a product designed, developed and manufactured so as to meet automotive quality compatible with harsh environments. The IHMI, from which ACTIA’s MADT has been developed, has already proven its merits on more than 15,000 vehicles operating in Europe. Available now in the ITxPT version, it is already being rolled out in France, England, and Scandinavia. »

General Manager ACTIA PCs



Hardware resources compatibles with all systems.

Increasingly ACTIA’s modules are certified ITxPT, this reduces hardware resources and makes them available to all other applications and on-board systems.

ACTIA’s MADT can host third-party applications, thus saving hardware resources and their installation and maintenance. The software package provided includes the MADT application but also open-source modules that allow customers to customise their display, icons, etc.

MADT, a product who facilitates the use of on-board systems for the driver.

Fewer screens added on the dashboard for better ease of use and a more ergonomic driving position: this is the promise of ITXPT certified devices. Operators can define their own screen style sheet for a harmonious display of different applications, reducing the work and cost of system integration. Integration into original equipment, on vehicle production lines, enhances reliability and maintainability.

A screen shared by various on-board applications: how does it work?

In ITxPT, the communication protocol is common to the modules. Called DNS-SD, he allows modules in an ITxPT architecture to speak the same “language” and discover the IT services present in the vehicle, without prior configuration. The MADT offers display services via the DNS SD protocol and its integrated web browser. Thus, each on-board application includes a web server providing the screens to be displayed by the MADT. The drivers access the application screens through tabs or automatically according to the vehicle status.




« ACTIA’s MADT will make life easier for drivers: the driving position will no longer be a collection of driver screens.

Soon the MADT will also be integrated into the dashboard by vehicle manufacturers as is the case now in light vehicles: ACTIA is already offering it in its new VDV Podium2 dashboard.

Finally, operators will be able to customise or even automate the sequencing of screens in order to simplify the driver’s actions and to meet the guarantee of safety ‘both hands on the steering wheel and eyes on the road’... »

Marketing & Sales, ACTIA Connected Vehicles Department