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ACTIA China ready for remote service of electric buses

March 2017 News

ACTIA China ready for remote service of electric buses

Faced with extraordinary air pollution problems, major Chinese cities have high expectations of electric mobility. With Chinese industrialists investing in the electric bus industry, the research firm PRNeswire expects that 200,000 buses will be put into service by 2020. Though the Chinese State is betting the most on this clean mobility, private transport companies are next in line to acquire electric buses for companies and tour operators. New technological needs in telematics and fleet management are thus emerging from this rapidly changing sector.

With its convergent skills in electric vehicles and on-board telematics, ACTIA is perfectly poised to support this growth. Among the Group’s latest innovations is the new STDU-R telematics module specially designed for the Chinese market. Notably, this module is compliant with the new Chinese regulation GB / T 32960 "Technical Specifications of Remote Service and Management System for Electric Vehicles", which will come into force on 1 October 2017.

This standard concerns the communication of data between the on-board terminal of vehicles (battery-powered electric, rechargeable hybrid or fuel cell electric vehicles) and the management systems of companies (manufacturers or operators) or the State. It thus defines the communication protocol, the data format and the channels between vehicles and the systems of all the stakeholders: OEM system, operator services, public server.

With the STDU-R telematics module, ACTIA is ready to equip the remote service and management system for Chinese electric vehicles, demonstrating its ability to adapt to the international constraints of high-potential markets.

From 2018 onwards, we can expect to witness a real boom in electric buses in the Chinese private sector.


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