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ACTIA China 2.0: a strategic shift for the Chinese subsidiary

November 2018 News

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The Chinese automotive market has experienced considerable exponential development in ten years. Its development encompasses all ranges of vehicles: commercial, special machines, light vehicles, electric vehicles and of course buses and coaches.

Chinese manufacturers poised to conquer Europe
The growth of the market and in particular the bus market, after its strong period of growth, has led the players to rework their strategy. The domestic market is becoming saturated and Chinese manufacturers are now turning to European markets or to Western standards. Manufacturers are looking for OEMs that will ensure these standards to promote better product integration in vehicle architectures. As this field is the ACTIA group’s core expertise, the Chinese subsidiary had to make a tactical shift.

ACTIA China: leading company in the bus and coach sector
ACTIA China was founded in 2003 and after 15 years of hard work, under the leadership of Xiaoping Zhang, it has become a leading company in the sector of on-board solutions for local buses and coaches. It now dominates the local high-end bus and coach business with over 65% market share and now wants to expand into other sectors.

A strategic shift for ACTIA China
In this highly favourable context, ACTIA China has embarked on an extraordinary development plan called “ACTIA China 2.0”. This is a five-year development plan that aims to propel the Chinese subsidiary to the top 3 companies of the group by opening up to all vehicle markets: commercial, special machines, light vehicles, electric vehicles and buses and coaches. The goal is to be able to create a high-quality offer that meets the demands of the market players.

ACTIA China's key to success
To make a mark, ACTIA had to understand the cultural and technical specificities of Chinese manufacturers. With the Multic HMI range and Power 33 ECUs, ACTIA has demonstrated its ability to rethink its flagship products for this very specific market. Today, ACTIA’s customers include leading manufacturers to which it provides advanced electronic solutions, thus becoming a major OEM on the bus and coach market in China. With this experience, ACTIA is now opening up to other Asian markets such as India and Indonesia.

Innovative top-tier subsidiary for the group
With the impressive development of the entire local bus and coach industry, ACTIA China was entering a plateau phase and was looking for growth drivers. It had to restructure, innovate and dare to set new targets.



Jl Pech v2

« I have full confidence in the success of ACTIA China 2.0. The group will support the subsidiary in terms of capital, technology and other aspects. The local technical team is able to autonomously develop multiplexing products; it is now an integral part of the group’s research and development system. The subsidiary not only introduces the group’s relevant products and technologies to the local market, but also shares its own creations with the group. ACTIA China is playing a leading role in the group, especially in the export market. The group is very pleased to work with the local team. We will implement ACTIA China 2.0 and achieve its goals together. »

Jean-Louis PECH
Chairman of the Board of ACTIA Group



The group’s entire expertise to benefit ACTIA China
ACTIA China’s affiliation to the group, in compliance with international standards, guarantees product quality and secures its credibility. Ensuring quality by innovating and reinforcing product reliability: these are the promises of the ACTIA China 2.0 project.

Mobility of the future
By offering technologies developed for the passenger transport market to other markets, especially commercial vehicles, ACTIA is diversifying its activities and contributing to the development of electric, smart and connected mobility. Attractive growth prospects to look forward to!