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A new Aftermarket exhibition space

February 2017 News

A new Aftermarket exhibition space

A rather special exhibition space has recently been fitted out at the ACTIA group’s headquarters in Toulouse (France). A showcase for ACTIA’s Aftermarket activities, it is primarily an interactive space where in-situ demonstrations and field tests can be carried out. It brings together the group’s solutions for garage equipment, multi-make diagnostics, vehicle inspection and fleet management. In a high-tech environment incorporating the brand’s visual identity, this 100 m2 space thus recreates a future workshop around five areas that feature the latest generations of connected equipment including Multi-Diag, the benchmark in multi-make diagnostics. Multi-Diag was recently nominated as 2017 Equipment of the Year (Inspection and Measurement category) by the professional French magazine Décision Atelier (see news from January 2017). This space always had a bright future lined up; it was the shooting location for the “futuristic” launch film of the latest addition to the Multi-Diag range, Mobile 3.

The synergy between the connected vehicle and the connected workshop, as part of a networking approach, takes on its full meaning here. It is the starting point for the solutions offered by ACTIA and is at the heart of issues in the automotive aftermarket sector.


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