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A makeover for CIPI ACTIA

May 2019 News

A makeover for CIPI ACTIA

Part 3 of our overview of ACTIA production capacity: following the opening of the ACTIA Electronics plant in Detroit, Michigan (USA) and the continued investments at the Colomiers plant in France, the CIPI ACTIA Offshore production site in Tunis is not to be outdone, as it carried out major expansion and renovation projects in 2018 that are set to continue this year.

Responsiveness and experience - the ACTIA EMS model
This Offshore medium and mass production site is located in direct proximity to the Tunis commercial port and airport. The flow of components and finished products through a platform in Marseille ensures short cycles and excellent responsiveness. This site is particularly well known for producing circuit boards and electronic products in an environment of highly-experienced engineers and technicians.

High-capacity EMS production plant
In 2018, CIPI ACTIA produced 4 million circuit boards fitted with over a billion surface-mount components (SMC). Last year, CIPI ACTIA also manually assembled 18 million through-hole components. The site has 7 SMC lines, 2 of which are Dual Lane. CIPI ACTIA produces large runs of electronic modules for the telematics and power electronics sectors, automotive electronic control units for light vehicles, heavy goods vehicles, buses and special machinery, and home automation control units. In response to a ramp-up in the production of telematics products, CIPI ACTIA invested almost 3 million euros in expanding and modernising its facilities last year. An additional 4,000 m2 of buildings were leased, raising the site’s total area to 18,830 m2.

State-of-the-art production tools
The site is approved by key account car manufacturers. In 2018, major players in heavy goods vehicles confirmed their confidence by entrusting CIPI ACTIA with the mass production of their fleet management units. CIPI ACTIA has renovated and modernised its production tools, the SMC lines, new coating and X-ray machines, ESD flooring, new traceability management software, and all areas have been redesigned and modernised. The renovation of the manual insertion and embedding area is on the 2019 work programme. Finally, in response to the increase in production, the storage area has been expanded and modernised. An AGV shuttle (designed and developed by our subsidiary ARDIA), which operates by floor laser navigation, has added to the logistics infrastructure for improved flow organisation.

CIPI ACTIA, the group’s largest workforce
760 people work in CIPI ACTIA, making it the largest workforce of all the ACTIA group companies. The work undertaken since the beginning of 2019 has focused on the administrative sections of the company, the building’s facade, and staff areas such as a training room, dining areas, cloakrooms and recreational facilities.

By the end of the year, CIPI ACTIA will have been given a total makeover and, like the group’s other production sites, this high-tech electronics production plant will be a shining example of the Group’s industrial expertise, helping to strengthen its dual commitment to its customers to INNOVATE and PRODUCE.