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October 2018 News

100 million

This is the number of data items collected every day by the telematics activity of ACTIA Automotive.

The solution is powered by the D2Hub data centre, which takes care of both the remote administration of telematics units and the collection and routing of this data to ACTIA’s or its customers’ back-office servers.

D2Hub collects 1.5 million messages every day from vehicles retrofitted by ACTIA. This represents about 100 million telematics data items from the connected vehicles.

Launched in 2014, ACTIA’s connected vehicle solution today covers the light vehicle, light utility vehicle, heavy goods vehicle and bus segments.

The major users of this solution are long-term renters, telematics integrators and managers of large fleets.

D2Hub feeds back up to 250 pieces of information from a connected vehicle. This wealth of data is used to feed fleet management, connected maintenance as well as geolocation and eco-driving applications.

ACTIA has successfully created a new impetus in the connected vehicle market and has consolidated its position as a key player in this sector.

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