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Vehicle connectivity: completely unique positioning

January 2018 Focus

Vehicle connectivity: completely unique positioning

"There are location services, fleet management services, and other standard applications. Of course MyActiaFleet offers these services. What makes us different are the advanced functions for maintenance and ACTIA's history of expertise. It was ACTIA, 30 years ago, that invented electronic diagnostics in partnership with all major vehicle manufacturers. Having been a pioneer of OBD telematics and multi-make diagnostics, ACTIA includes exclusive advanced maintenance features in its offering that will help maximise your vehicle service rate." The latest in the iCAN range is paving the way in particular for the transition to 4G networks. iCAN2 is a miniaturised, Plug & Play telematics unit - a real technological wonder. Unlike basic OBD units, iCAN2 is also a real multi-make “diagnostics case” capable of reading “manufacturer” data. ACTIA is planning annual production of 30,000 units initially for the B2B market, on three major markets for connected vehicles: public transport, industrial vehicles and company vehicles."

Laurent GUERCI
Director of the Connected Vehicles Business Unit

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