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Vehicle connectivity: completely unique positioning

January 2018 Focus

Vehicle connectivity: completely unique positioning

"ACTIA offers connectivity solutions for vehicles principally in the public transport and long-term industrial vehicle, utility vehicle and light vehicle rental sectors. ACTIA’s aim is to provide innovative solutions that help its customers to meet the challenges of reducing the carbon footprint of vehicles, ensuring the safety of drivers and passengers, ensuring vehicle reliability, and reducing TCO (total cost of ownership).

We are developing end-to-end systems that can be used to manage the training and monitoring of the environmentally responsible driving of urban bus drivers or drivers of corporate vehicle fleets. We are also developing systems that automatically adjust vehicle speed in urban areas in order to improve the safety of passengers and pedestrians, as well as alert systems that warn drivers of a vehicle’s potential technical faults in order to improve service reliability.

In addition, ACTIA’s electric vehicle know-how gives us the option to deploy cutting-edge technical solutions to monitor battery performance on electric vehicles, in particular public transport vehicles. Major international vehicle rental firms and cities such as Paris, London, Madrid and Bordeaux, among others, are already relying on our solutions."

Laurent GUERCI
Director of the Connected Vehicles Business Unit