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Digitisation: ACTIA on the move

January 2018 Focus

Digitisation: ACTIA on the move

"Digital technologies must allow us to develop our business by creating value around the products and services we offer. Our fleet maintenance and management offers are good examples of this. Digital technologies also help us to improve our operational performance. The consolidation, controlled sharing and traceability of data have become crucial issues. For this reason, we are engaged in major projects, from the deployment of a PLM (Product Life-cycle Management) tool at group level, to the production of a Cobot, to industry 4.0 solutions. To succeed, we will need to change how we exchange and use information. For the ACTIA group, this is a major challenge, and an area that has experienced significant acceleration in recent years. Beyond technical matters, transforming ourselves to improve services and performance also requires us to develop our organisations and broaden our skills. For large-scale mobilisation, it is therefore important to remember that people are central to this transformation."

Chief Data Officer (CDO) - ACTIA

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