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ACTIA shifts gear to address cybersecurity

January 2018 Focus

ACTIA shifts gear to address cybersecurity

While the European automotive community is taking the first steps towards consumers to enhance the security of connected vehicles (see ACEA’s publication, “6 Commandments”), ACTIA has been resolutely tackling the issue of the cybersecurity of its products and solutions for the automotive market.

"Technological advances and inter-connectivity between vehicles are already being powerfully exploited by the automotive sector. All these new opportunities are not without risks. A questioning of this magnitude inevitably entails profound organisational changes for an equipment manufacturer such as ACTIA, a partner of manufacturers from the very beginning. This impacts our development and production practices, our daily work procedures and our conduct in general. We have put in place an action plan integrating a continuous improvement programme, good internal practices and of course our information security management system. Participating in the drafting of the ISO/SAE cybersecurity standards certainly places ACTIA at the core of the issue to meet the foremost requirements of our current and future customers. There is no doubt that cybersecurity will be one of the components of future calls for tender, and ACTIA will be ready for it."

Product Security Manager within the ACTIA Group
Leader of the Drafting team of the ISO/SAE 21434 standard (Automotive Cybersecurity Engineering)

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