Garage equipment

Garage equipment

The various equipment within ACTIA's range handles the measurements on light vehicles, utility vehicles and heavy goods vehicles (carriers, tractors, buses, trailers, articulated vehicles). They also allow for the inspection of heavily damaged vehicles.

Using the exclusive programme for two-column lifts (MULLER BEM patent), while conducting a full alignment, allows for:

  • A small space requirement of the alignment station.
  • The use of an existing work station that is not solely dedicated to alignment.
  • Full access to all of the vehicle's components (during the adjustment phase).
  • Time saving, the alignment station moves to the vehicle.
  • Better management of the flow of vehicles in the workshop.

4G alignment
As the inventors of the alignment bench, we continue to strive for innovation and reliability by now offering fourth generation alignment: 4G. This has sparked a huge amount of interest among garage equipment professionals; distributors, central purchasing bodies, journalists and the specialist press. High-resolution multi-camera measuring heads, 100% dynamic graphic interface, world exclusive integrated mechanical diagnostics, unbreakable targets, etc. Alignment has never been so successful!

4G offers you a world exclusive mechanical diagnostics program, allowing you to detect a defective part in an instant and ensure the safety of your settings.

A comprehensive and uniform range that is adapted to your needs. The new ACTIA range is designed to accurately balance all wheel types with steel, aluminium and "Run-Flat" rims (e.g.: Michelin PAX system, Goodyear, Pirelli, etc.), for cars, 4X4s, utility vehicles, motorcycles and scooters.

Air conditioning stations
With this range of air conditioning stations, we offer equipment that anticipates European regulatory requirements regarding refrigerant fluids.

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Tyre changers
ACTIA's range is focused on reliability and performance. These modular tyre changers are designed to work with optional assistants which make it easier to fit or remove very rigid or "Run Flat" tyres. The configuration menu makes it easy to select options and several programs are available according to the type of rims: steel, aluminium, 4X4, utility vehicles, motorcycles and scooters, etc.

The HGV range
Electro-hydraulic tyre changers for heavy goods vehicles, and agricultural and earth-moving machinery. The dimensions and operating strokes allow operation at maximum efficiency across the whole range of tyres.

Expert shock absorber bench
A revolutionary measurement bench for isolating and assessing the wear on a shock absorber.

Simple to use, the expert bench carries out the full inspection of the vehicle's shock absorbers in 3 minutes.

The expert shock absorber bench provides a real technological bonus by analysing the shock absorber's response to its variable resonance frequency. The result obtained is completely independent of tyre pressure and vehicle load.

In addition to its high accuracy, the expert shock absorber bench has major advantages:

  • Easy to install (no civil engineering).
  • Easy to use.
  • Rapid results.
  • Reliability.

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