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Fleets and after-sales networks

Fleets and after-sales networks

The ACTIA group has been involved with vehicle maintenance and repair after-sales networks since its creation in 1986, offering a range of electronic diagnostics equipment. At the start of the 2000s the group developed solutions for recording the commercial vehicle activity data. These solutions led to ACTIA being the first equipment manufacturer to obtain digital chrono-tachograph approval in 2004.

In 2003, the ACTIA group took over Muller Bem, an established brand in the world of garage equipment and vehicle inspections. With a wealth of know-how in vehicle electronics and electronic diagnostics, Muller Bem’s expertise enabled ACTIA to respond to the needs of repair workshops and vehicle inspection centres with solutions that were both technological and user-oriented.

The expansion of ACTIA’s activities into the Aftermarket (fleets and after-sales networks) is an integral element of the group's renowned expertise as a factory-fit equipment manufacturer among customers including OEMs and major international vehicle manufacturers.

Actia’s two strategic areas with OEMs; connected mobility and sustainable mobility, rank ACTIA as the number 1 equipment manufacturer not only for commercial and industrial vehicles but also in the field of light vehicles. This know-how also allows ACTIA to secure this connected equipment. From a "Safety" point of view, the group's expertise in factory-fit vehicle architecture and, in particular, in multiplexed CAN architecture guarantees a totally controlled operation in the second fit. From a "Security" point of view, ACTIA has been one of the forerunners in the development and implementation of digital tachograph and in data management, particularly in diagnostics.

The synergy between the connected vehicle and the connected workshopis another strong component of this winning synergy that is specific to the ACTIA group.

Alongside maintenance and vehicle repair professionals, ACTIA has made the connected workshop a major focus of its equipment and service offer, an offer driven by the workshops’ rise in productivity. The connected vehicle falls within the same approach and strengthens this offer within a more global ecosystem. The development of this service-focused offer is one of the key factors of success in the Aftermarket and is one of the major competitive advantages of the ACTIA group.

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