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Mobile Telephony

Mobile Telephony

For fifteen years, through its ACTIA Telecom division, ACTIA has been developing a complete range of integration solutions in the form of Outdoor Telecommunications Equipment Units. ACTIA Telecom is thus one of the recognised leaders in this market, with more than 47,000 products in service on many networks in France and abroad.

ACTIA Telecom first offers its customers a “design” of solutions based on its expertise and years of experience in this area. After the design phase and the qualification phase, a dedicated process line is set up to enable secure, high-quality production. 

 A catalogue of many turnkey solutions is available to equip telecommunications networks. The range on offer fully covers the Outdoor Cabinet sector – various sizes, depths, heights, etc. - with thermal management adapted to the integrated materials and numerous possibilities for expanding integration capacity, an advantage with ACTIA’s offer.

 Our range of equipped outdoor cabinets is rounded out by mobile or temporary solution offers, such as GSM trucks or Rapid Deployment Sites, and also by a shelter offer.

Our customers’ needs are markedly seasonal, which requires flexibility and reactivity to be able to deliver in a short amount of time. To meet this requirement, the ACTIA group’s Mobile Telephony sector is equipped with a dedicated organisation that integrates the whole process: the design and qualification of products with a view to technical and economic optimisation, high-quality production, and especially follow-up and guidance with specialised representatives.

Our participation in deployments as diverse as mobile telephony, high-speed internet and broadcasting (DTT and Radio) has enabled us to gain extensive experience in the sector and be able to offer a wide range of adaptable solutions.

Remaining in close contact with our customers helps us anticipate the technical changes needed to ensure a balance between supply and demand and anticipate needs in terms of product quantities and stocks to be able to instantly meet demand.

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