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Railway video-surveillance

Railway video-surveillance

ACTIA has offered on-board video-surveillance solutions for public transport for many years. These solutions range from surveillance of carriages, alarms and cabs to functions including exterior rear-vision and recording from forward-facing cameras on the trains.

ACTIA’s equipment range meets every need and the engineering and development teams are there to size and build the system to the specifications of each manufacturer and operator, taking into account availability, reliability and security constraints.

Each systems relies on a scalable range of equipment:

  • Analogue or digital embedded cameras.
  • Modular recorders whose capacity (1 to 20 TB) can be adapted to the configuration of the train and to each type of operator usage.
  • Secure event data recorders (black boxes) that withstand harsh conditions.
  • Exterior rear-vision and door-surveillance cameras.
  • Video reviewer on the ground.
  • Train-to-ground transmission equipment.

Innovation is at the heart of ACTIA product design. This innovation applies to our systems’ Design to Cost approaches as well as to the evolution of products and functions featured in our systems.

Security is one of the major issues in railway transport and video-surveillance features are constantly evolving to keep up with the public's needs (detection of abandoned items, face detection or recognition, diagnostics, etc.).

The images, sounds and metadata from the carriages are recorded in real time. IP network-based solutions enable simultaneous broadcast of images on control monitors and in control centres on the ground via radio.

Video recorded on removable devices that can be extracted immediately and safely may be analysed later on the ground. Dedicated train-to-ground communication systems make it possible to offload videos without removing the disks.

With control and communication software, the control centre can search for and read videos on trains/subway trains while they are still recording (remote video recorder).

The systems on offer are modular; they can be supplied independently or integrated into ACTIA passenger information systems. Alarm surveillance is also made easier. It is now possible to view images from the zone where the alarm has gone off on control screens (Intercom, KSA, etc.).

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