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Railway passenger information

ACTIA passenger information systems integrate solutions for all types of rolling stock with ground applications that enable both provision of service to users and applications for managing ground fleets.

Whether it is for passenger information, Public Address or CCTV, information, communication and train-to-ground controls are covered in an offer that is optimised for rail transport.

The modular embedded architecture built around 100 Mbit/s Ethernet, the range of equipment and the ergonomics of the man-machine interface can be used to offer a solution adapted to each application, train, tram or subway system.

ACTIA offers systems based on its own products that are developed and manufactured at its industrial sites.

Over the years, ACTIA has acquired experience in the railway sector. This puts ACTIA in an ideal position to join the convenience of information with the reliability of equipment.

Going beyond existing equipment, which serves as the base for the system offer, ACTIA also proposes products that are adapted to each customer. The modular architecture of each peripheral device and the Design to Cost approach make it possible to propose personalised products at a lower cost and risk.

ACTIA also offers a wide range of Infotainment services for passenger enjoyment: in-seat audio, video on demand (VOD), Wi-Fi access, etc.

For transport safety and optimisation, equipment for CCTV, counting passengers, GSM and Wi-Fi localisation and transmission and event data recorders (black boxes) round out the applications expected by operators.

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The ACTIA range
The system offers are made up of a complete range of railway-sector equipment that complies with the strictest standards on the market (EN 50155; fire-smoke EN 45545, NFF16-101 and NFF 16-102, IEC 62380, etc.).

The PACiS system servers manage all peripheral devices, configuration, operations and diagnostics. The servers ensure the amplification of audio to the interior and exterior loudspeakers.

Visual peripheral devices: LED screens and TFT monitors
ACTIA’s screens and monitors are in compliance with European PMR directives and can be adapted to fit integration constraints, operator requests and power grids (24V to 110V).

The range of LCD monitors runs from 10" to 29" and comes in 4:3, 16:9 or extra-wide formats.

When connected to the IP network, they are generally equipped with a daisy chain to simplify the wiring and limit the number of Ethernet switches.

Intercoms for carriages and cabs
Adapted to all configurations and finishes, they are built on a foundation of validated technical building blocks. Depending on how they are configured, the intercoms may or may not include daisy chains, UIC redundancy, operational and status LEDs, etc.

Secure event data recorders
This equipment (black boxes) is designed to hold up under harsh conditions (temperature, impact) and protect recorded data.

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