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Railway Infotainment

In an age when everything is connected, mobility and connectivity go hand in hand. Being informed, entertained and able to work must be an option at all times, even when travelling.

“Connected mobility” is the new challenge facing public transportation today and in the future. The ACTIA group offers many solutions to this challenge.

ACTIA has developed a product range for passenger entertainment that includes VOD, in-seat audio and an innovative entertainment application for tablets.

These embedded entertainment solutions complement the passenger information system by offering various programmes on screens located at each seat or in the aisles; programmes include films, advertising or corporate announcements, etc.

These programmes can be loaded remotely via a central server and then broadcast on board when in the station.

Loading can also be done via Wi-Fi transmission equipment.

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ACTIA innovation: the ACT-IES solution
The ACT-IES solution is particularly innovative by virtue of its technology, the ease of implementation and the services it enables operators to offer their users.

It is made up of a Wi-Links wireless modem with a multimedia server and is based on an IP architecture. Passenger information and entertainment is broadcast to mobile devices such as smartphones or personal tablets, following the current BYOD (“Bring Your Own Device”) trend.

This makes it possible to provide a wide variety of services to passengers through a reliable and economical system.

ACTIA adapts this offer for different passenger-transport platforms: buses and coaches, trams, subway systems and high-speed and intercity trains.

  • The Wi-Links modem ensures transmission of video content (VoD, dashcam, DTT), internet, GPS data (mapping), commercial information, etc. This next-generation Wi-Fi modem provides a remarkable quality of service to 40 passengers simultaneously with excellent reception, particularly for video content. Together with a range of high-performance antennas (MIMO 3 or 6-access antenna), ACT-IES can be integrated into all types of installations.
  • The multimedia server is updated via Wi-Fi, 3G/4G for smaller-sized content or by USB port; an encryption solution can be added thanks to a dedicated video server (rights management). The server makes it possible to connect to monitors and the modem and to manage back-office applications such as journey mapping, organisation of content, managing statistics on most-viewed programmes, advertising and messages, satisfaction surveys, etc.

VOD infotainment

ACT-IES is a system with high added value

Passengers can view information about their journey (next stop, estimated arrival time, speed, the journey plotted on a map stored in the server, etc.) and listen to the music or the radio of their choice.

The operator receives usage statistics about these media and the results of customer satisfaction surveys. This feedback enables operators to adjust the programming and improve on-board service. The proposed media can be oriented towards entertainment, corporate information or used to advertise destinations.

In its range of entertainment solutions, ACTIA offers robust, tried-and-tested equipment for traditional broadcast of audio and video content that incorporates in-seat audio (more than 10,000 devices currently rolled out worldwide).