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Manufacturers & Operators

Manufacturers & Operators

Rail transport plays a major role in mobility issues and is an area in which ACTIA has invested many resources in development, production and services. The group offers solutions to manufacturers and operators that address four areas: life on board the vehicles, safety of people, rolling out new communication technologies and the availability of vehicles throughout their life cycle.

A comprehensive offer covers these four areas :

  • On-board systems for trains, subways and trams: Information and entertainment for passengers, CCTV, Train-to-Ground transmission, equipment for energy conversion and high-voltage detection.
  • Services for sustainability of electronic systems that handle obsolescence or refurbishment of rolling stock.

ACTIA is a major player in on-board Automotive and Telecommunications systems. ACTIA relies on its technological know-how, its proven Design to Cost methods and its significant investment in Research and Development to propose systems that are innovative, competitive and compatible with the strictest railway standards (SIL 0 to 4, EN50155 standards, environmental and fire-smoke).

The group’s industrial tool has IRIS certification for the railway sector. The factory located in the south of France (in Colomiers, near Toulouse), has received significant investments and is currently one of the "Made in France" champions. This industrial site is able to produce complex electronic systems in small and medium-sized runs at the highest technological level. It is certified for aerospace and Automotive production, including large production runs.