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Electronic Diagnostics LV-LUV

Electronic Diagnostics LV-LUV

Increasingly sophisticated vehicles
Today, manufacturers face up a lot of different challenges sush as:

  • Growing vehicle complexity.
  • Connected vehicle.
  • Workshops efficiency.
  • Customer's relationships (B2C & B2B).

ACTIA propose a full solution with innovative concepts to answer to this challenges:

  • Predictive diagnostic.
  • Trainings through "serious game".
  • Big data management.
  • Connected workshops.

In order to offer numerous functions related to new comfort standards and comply with European and international safety and environment standards, vehicle manufacturers have integrated multiplexed architectures into their vehicles using as many electronic functions as possible.

Vehicles have therefore become increasingly sophisticated and complex.

To handle this complexity, ACTIA provides off-board and on-board diagnostic solutions. These solutions can be used to fine-tune the vehicle during the design phases, and to configure and repair vehicles at production sites and in after-sales networks.

ACTIA electronic diagnostic solutions are approved by the largest global manufacturers of light vehicles.

Solutions offered by ACTIA incorporate software that can be used to develop diagnostic applications and equipment for different players within a vehicle's life cycle (engineers, operators, mechanics). These solutions are modular and can be easily adapted to effectively respond to customers’ needs in a cost-efficient way.

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Off-board modular and adaptable diagnostic solutions
Diagnostic hardware solutions offered by ACTIA are based on a set of equipment that is suited to the usage constraints in harsh environments. ACTIA offers a range of reliable equipment to address customer’s needs as closely as possible. All of these products comply with applicable international standards and norms and can operate in local mode or connected to a central server.

Furthermore, as a global leader in the VCI market (Vehicle Communication Interface), ACTIA offers a range of products selected by major car manufacturers.

ACTIA designs and produces tools for testing the vehicle’s specific functions such as; a tester that diagnoses the "STOP&START" functions of new vehicles as well as the battery and alternator of a large number of vehicles.

ACTIA offers a diagnostics software suite, ACTIDIAG, for carrying out diagnostic applications for all players’ needs within the vehicle life cycle (Design, Factories, Garages).

The software can also be used to implement all processes interfaced with those of different customers in order to automatically recover all of our customers’ data.  The software makes it possible to carry out diagnostic applications in compliance with the main market standards (Passthru, ODX, OTX, etc.).

The ACTIDIAG software suite authorises the implementation of a digital factory for carrying out our customers' software applications. This digital factory is made up of multiple teams (customers, ACTIA, service providers) distributed over several continents and using the "Concurrent Engineering" work method in accordance with the development processes complying with automobile standards.