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ACTIA is a partner of choice for leading passenger car OEMs
ACTIA’s mission is to meet the needs of OEMs by offering them tailored solutions. For over 30 years, the group has demonstrated its ability to offer its customers solutions that are innovative and tailored, particularly regarding diagnostics and telematics. These solutions correspond to the needs of global markets and local markets.

ACTIA, which is now a partner of Major European Manufacturers such as Volvo, JLR, PSA, VAG, BMW, demonstrates its commitment with a constantly renewed offer in terms of products and services.

ACTIA is also a partner to Major Manufacturers, in markets with high evolutions, sush as China, India...

Internationally recognised know-how
ACTIA’s global organisation and its know-how regarding off-board and embedded systems enable it to support its customers and offer each of them modular solutions in diagnostics and telematics. 

ACTIA is a key player in standardisation committee, with its presence in Diagnostic and Telematics domain throughout the vehicle's life cycle. ACTIA is thereby involved:

  • Internationally, ACTIA is now active in the TC22 / SC3 / WG1 data communication standards.
  • On a European level, ACTIA is present within the CEN (European Committee for Standardisation).
  • In France with the PFA (Plateforme de la Filière Automobile - Automotive Industry Platform) through the CSTA22 "Diagnosability" standard and with the BNA (Bureau National de l'Automobile - National Automobile Bureau), where ACTIA governs the BNA301A standard dedicated to data communication.

ACTIA has developed an embedded telematics platform intended to be fitted to passenger and commercial vehicles as original equipment. During the last 2 year, ACTIA has equipped more than 1 million vehicles worlwide with its Telematics ECU.

This telematics platform has earned ACTIA recognition as a "Telematics Competence Centre" and has led to it being listed by SBD Connected Car Guide, an institution recognised by all car manufacturers worldwide.

ACTIA has been a specialist in Diagnostics for more than 30 years, offering Hardware, Software and Services solutions. With over 100,000 Vehicle Communication Interface sold worldwide, 40 Automotive plants equipped with ACTIA Diagnostic manufacturing solutions, ACTIA is regarded as a leader in its field, offering modular and innovative solutions.

ACTIA is involved in solution for Electric Vehicle for 15 years and propose more than 5,000 vehicles are on the road today.

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Solutions for vehicles
The vehicle’s life cycle consists of four parts: the design, the manufacture, the utilization and the after-sales service. As a result of these recognised skills, ACTIA supports OEMs through these four segments, with a modular and tailored offer, in order to meet their requirements.

  • Vehicle connectivity is the key to mobility-related challenges. ACTIA fully understands this and, from the design stage onwards, offers embedded telematics platforms to improve and guarantee the comfort and safety of motorists and to facilitate vehicle management
  • Manufacture is a key step in a vehicle’s life cycle. Test processes are long and costly. In order to improve the speed and quality of these services, ACTIA offers Factory Diagnostic tools making it possible to effectively produce, test and track vehicles manufactured.
  • ACTIA offers diagnostic solutions for its customers’ after-sales networks in more than 140 countries. The ActiDiag monitoring software, which combines all of ACTIA’s know-how, allows off-board and on-board diagnostic applications to be developed and managed throughout the vehicle’s entire life cycle. The ActiDiag monitoring software allows ECU diagnostic data to be automatically generated according to a development process which can be used for "Concurrent Engineering".