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Multi-make diagnostics

Multi-make diagnostics

ACTIA Multi-Diag, the benchmark for after-sales networks
Manufacturer and multi-make networks, independent garages, bodywork and tyre specialists, fast-service chains, and more. Every day over 15,000 workshops use Multi-Diag, the "benchmark" for multi-make diagnostics. The biggest multi-make networks such as Feu Vert, Euromaster and Midas have chosen Multi-Diag for their maintenance and repair operations.

Multi-Diag contributes to workshop productivity
Multi-Diag is a high-performance tool that offers wide coverage for vehicle makes, models and types: cars, HGVs and commercial vehicles, for maximum use. Multi-Diag contributes to workshop profitability.

A connected tool
Multi-Diag is a task-based approach, with the One-Clic or Express Diag functions... there are so many features focussed on your daily needs. ACTIA remains faithful to its commitments, providing you products that not only deliver high performance but are effective and easy to use. With its scalability, updates are available online so the system can be regularly implemented. Configuration and use can also be customised. With ACTIA Connect, your multi-make diagnostics tool gives you access to 24-hour connected services, for full utilization of your tool, a revolution in the workshop world!

At the cutting edge of new standards
Vehicle maintenance and repair processes comply with increasingly strict standards. ACTIA anticipates these changes and contributes to their definition with international committees. This head start benefits the Multi-Diag range. All Multi-Diag equipment is compatible with the SAE J2534-1, -2 (pass-thru) standards and therefore complies with the Euro 5 standard.

A custom range
In order to adapt to each professional environment, the Multi-Diag range offers different hardware platforms. Every Multi-Diag solution includes a "Full Euro 5" vehicle communication interface, a 16-pin OBD cable and a carrying case. Numerous accessories and options are available depending on your workshop's needs.

With its wireless Bluetooth communication mode between the diagnostics station and the vehicle, Multi-Diag is a mobile diagnostics solution designed to adapt to workshop or roadside usage constraints. This freedom of movement and the high portability of each piece of equipment also allows for faster repair.

The Multi-Diag equipment, which is particularly hard-wearing, can be used in rugged environments and offers significant battery life. Handling the tools is made easier by specially designed external ergonomics. Lastly, the screen resolution and brightness improve information visibility throughout the repair operations.

gamme multidiagAn additional garage equipment offer
Following the takeover in 2003 of the MULLER BEM brand, an established benchmark in garage equipment and vehicle inspections (wheel checks, emissions control, test benches, vehicle lifts, etc.), ACTIA provides a comprehensive offer combining electronic diagnostics and mechanical checks. ACTIA and has therefore positioned itself as a forerunner in "mechatronics".