Fleet management

Fleet management

ACTIA offers fleet management solutions for light vehicle fleets, city buses and coaches, in order to combine the imperatives of Safety, Comfort, Environment and Management.

These solutions rely on on-board equipment - telematics modules and displays - and on an ACTIA Fleet portal so the user can view and use the different data transmitted in Cloud mode by the vehicle.

The telematics modules vary according to the vehicle types: TGU for commercial goods and passenger transport vehicles and ICAN for light vehicles.

The DriverAid driving assistance display, as an accessory or integrated into the Podium dashboard, relays the eco-driving functions, so that drivers can monitor fuel consumption improve their performance.

The ACTIA Fleet portal offers customised services and can be used to read and manage the indicators and dashboards in real time.

produits gestion de flotte

ACTIA Fleet services:

  • Eco-driving: monitor fuel consumption, real mileage covered, CO2 emissions, driving behaviour, etc.,
  • Advanced maintenance and management of the enhanced fleet: recording of electronic vehicle data for diagnostics and maintenance functions, etc.,
  • Geolocation: know the position of vehicles and their status in real time, to optimise travel and repair time, to monitor and justify the journeys made, etc.,
  • Activity data and driving times: quickly, safely and remotely retrieve data from the driver cards and the digital tachograph.

The group's expertise in software integration and on-board systems allows ACTIA to interface its on-board telematics modules with the management portals of various partners, so that operators and fleet managers can benefit from the data management functions of these modules.