CCTV bus and coach

CCTV bus and coach

ACTIA BOP: a comprehensive range of off & on-board equipment & software
The BOP HD video protection system records high quality video images from up to 16 channels, combined with audio microphone, GPS and vehicle data such as the status of indicators, brakes and door open/closed. This builds a comprehensive picture of vehicle events when an incident occurs. Data is stored on a secure removable hard disk with up to 2TB data capacity, allowing for several weeks footage to be recorded before overwrite. Incident footage is protected in an alarm buffer and can be reviewed using the powerful BOP Reviewer Station and Software, or sent through W-LAN module to a depot server. A range of vandal-proof cameras is available for internal and external mounting, including analogue and IP options

BOP REVIEWER STATION - Stationary processing unit
Recorded data is processed on the BOP Reviewer Station with the Reviewer software and is totally independent from the BOPs used for CCTV.
This guarantees the independence of data analysis with respect to onboard BOP systems.

BOP REVIEWER - Analysis software
The BOP Reviewer software from ACTIA delivers all the analysis features you need for recorded data. It is easy to use and ergonomic. The administrator uses it to view video and audio sequences recorded in-vehicle.

This software application enables full analysis of the recorded data. It is easy to use and ergonomic, and allows the CCTV Controller to review video and audio sequences recorded on the vehicle.
Images are encrypted and can only be viewed by authorised users. Data is accessed either by date and time or by identifying alarm footage (indicated in red).
Full evidential use with data being authenticated for court use and password-protected. Export function enables the user to burn footage and playback software to DVD.


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