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Bus and coach passenger information

Bus and coach passenger information

ACTIA offers a range of dedicated on-board solutions for bus and coach passenger information. These hardware and software platforms are adapted for the specific ergonomics of this type of mobility, taking into account the expectations of all professionals and users.

PC car
The PC Car system combines positioning and communication, and can be connected to a driver console.
The SAM system, a compact version of PC Car, combines positioning, multimedia communication and driver interface.

OSS-PIS driver console
The ACTIA driver console range enables the driver to interface with the OSS-PIS computers available on the market. They can be perfectly integrated into the ACTIA "Podium" dashboard, for optimum ergonomics.

The I-HMI system; a high-performance system, combines an on-board PC, all communication methods, Wi-Fi, 3G+, Bluetooth and a particularly efficient driver/screen interface.
The natural accompaniment for the PC Car and SAM systems:

  • Simple and user-friendly communication gateway: internal Bluetooth module, USB hub.
  • Ambient lighting sensor and manual lighting adjustment, for convenient use day and night.
  • Integrated speakers.
  • Simplified operation: OPEN LVDS interface and single cable.
  • Includes many options offering a wide range of functions for perfect integration within the most comprehensive architectures.

Passenger LCD displays

  • 19'' TCP/IP LCD SCREEN, single or dihedral: ceiling mounted or mounting on back of screen.
  • 15.4'' LCD screen & 19'' LED motorised screen: automatic folding ceiling mount.
  • 15'' LCD manual design screen: manual folding ceiling mount.
  • 15'' LCD screen, 19'' & 22'' LED fixed screen: fixed ceiling mount.
  • OEM LCD screen: Size, signal, mechanics and mounting according to specifications for use in buses, coaches, trams and trains.

Controlled amplifiers
The ACT 350 amplifier complies with the decree of 3 May 2007 concerning public transport for people with reduced mobility. The ACT 350 allows audible information to be amplified depending on the ambient noise (+5 dB) on the line and the destination of the vehicle, delivered by an external speaker, and which is used as an ambient microphone. Calibration of the external speaker and level adjustment are carried out using software. The ACT 350 also carries out control operations inside the vehicle.

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