Podium Dashboard

The first version of ACTIA's PODIUM dashboard, is used in the city buses of major European manufacturers. The ergonomics and functional performance of this driver’s workplace appealed to commercial vehicle manufacturers as well as operators and stakeholders in urban mobility.

The new version, the Podium 2 goes a step further. It integrates three areas of innovation in a particularly effective way

  • Technological and functional innovation: Podium 2 brings together a number of the latest technological generation modules: head-up display, steering wheel controls, automatic switching of high-low-beam lights, touch-screen switch modules, etc.
  • Ergonomic innovation: Podium 2 is a driver workplace that has been designed down to the smallest detail to bring together both comfort and effective driving. Its extremely ergonomic design combines an aesthetic that is advanced both in terms of the overall shape and the different modules. The value that is perceived and conveyed by all of them is particularly high.
  • Customer innovation: the podium 2 is completely modular with three customisable areas and custom options in terms of design. It is offered with a dedicated configuration tool that enables each customer to define and optimise their combination.


Podium 2: Modular & ergonomic dashboard meeting European regulations (VDV 234 and ISO 16121-3 standards)

  • Adjustable console for better adaptation to the driver.
  • Instrumentation with high performance TFT displays (MULTIC/MULTIC 2 instrument clusters).
  • Integrated and backlit controls.
  • Space for additional driver control panel .
  • Over 150 rocker switch references dedicated to passenger transport functions.
  • Steering angle sensor for ESP function.
  • Eco driving function (Driver aid) with dedicated gauge or bar graph.