SatCom - defence

SatCom - defence

With more than 30 years of experience in wireless transmission, the ACTIA Telecom division of the ACTIA group offers high-performance integrated solutions for the military sector.

This defence activity at ACTIA was initially based on major programmes with the DGA (French Ministry of Defence procurement agency) and has continued to develop through major programmes in France and abroad.

Today, thanks to our experience in the conception of on-board systems for defence and our expertise in designing and managing long-cycle products, ACTIA can guarantee the sustainability, reliability and scalability of the solutions we offer.

ACTIA Telecom's offer in the SatCom Defence field includes supplying major products for the ground segment of satellite transmissions (power amplifiers, integration assemblies, supervision systems, etc.), supplying turnkey stations (stationary, transportable, and mobile stations, etc.) and providing the related services: engineering, installation and implementation, training, maintenance in working condition, etc.

Here are several examples of stations we have produced, listed from earliest to most recent :

  • DEQ240/100: Experimental station, VHF band.
  • DE3B240240/100: Triple-band stations in a package, C, X and Ku bands.
  • DHD240: High-speed x band stations on a trailer.
  • HTE150: High-speed EHF band stations on a trailer.
  • DEKA240T: High-speed Ka-band stations in a shelter.
  • DEKA070: High-speed Ka-band stations, manpack.
  • DEKA100: High-speed Ka-band VSAT or FlyAway stations.

Designed for the Defence market, these stations have followed a specific qualification programme to ensure compliance with the specific standards that apply (GAM EG13, MILSTD, etc.).