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On-board aerospace systems

On-board aerospace systems

Quality and reliability, immediate savings, and reducing development cycles: these are ACTIA's commitments for our entire offer for the aerospace sector.

Thanks to the complementary know-how of ACTIA's Automotive and Telecommunications divisions, the Group is able to offer a variety of on-board systems solutions:

  • On-board computers.
  • Telecommunications.
  • Transmissions.
  • Servers & Access point.

For industry leaders in Aerospace, with which the Group has developed partnerships.

  • Manufacturers: Airbus, Boeing, Airbus Helicopters.
  • System integrators: Thales, Rockwell Collins.
  • Airlines: Air France, British Airways, Lufthansa, Qantas, SAS, Tam, Lanchille, etc.

And to provide a comprehensive range of services that cover the entire product life cycle: Design & Development, Manufacturing/Integration, Testing, Operational Maintenance, Service and Repairs.

Our technologies and know-how are based on standards pertaining to on-board systems in aeronautics:

  • Integration of products in aeronautical format: Arinc600, Arinc404.
  • Qualification according to hardware and software standards: DO 160, DO 178, DO254.
  • Signal processing: DSP, 68040, 68360, ARM, PowerPC.
  • Implementation of IP services for on-board applications: Voice over IP, Linux, Apache server.
  • Air-to-ground transmissions: Arinc746, Arinc763, Arinc761.

Design and Development
The ACTIA Group carries out technical expertise, qualification to aeronautical standards (D160, D0178, DO254), and production according to specifications. Our areas of expertise cover both hardware and software (with DO 178 certification) and also apply to programmable FPGA-type components (DO254).

Our project management, configuration, and electronic, computing and mechanical development tools advance the quality and effectiveness of 'design to cost' and 'design to industrialize / manufacture' development. The group's strong positioning in the Automotive sector is a guarantee in terms of processing and design to cost.

produits aero

Production, Assembly and electronic Integration
All of our products are manufactured, assembled and integrated at ACTIA's production sites, which handle small-, medium- and large-scale production runs; almost 4 million circuit boards are produced at our sites each year. Our Toulouse (France) site has aeronautical certifications EN9100 and EN9110, as well as PART 145.  It is also the first site in Europe to receive NADCAP certification. ACTIA's factories provide a high-tech environment for the production of components (SMD 0201, Fine Pitch, BGA, QFN, etc.) and equipment (Automatic Optical Inspection, X-Ray, double-sided wave lead or lead-free soldering).

Examples of on-board systems for the aerospace sector :

  • TPIS computer: Tyre Pressure Indicating System. TPIS is a real-time tyre pressure measurement system which automatically triggers an alarm if there is a fault.
  • HUMS: Health and Usage Monitoring System. The HUMS system records data on health and usage of the helicopter. 

CTU/eCTU/Telephone: ACTIA Telecom offers a complete solution for passenger telecommunications on board medium- and long-haul commercial aircraft. The Cabin Telephony Unit (CTU: PABX installed on board) connects to a Satcom radio for air-to-ground / ground-to-air communications.


  • HINAV: The HINAV PCB is used for avionics signal acquisition and processing, and to manage transmissions to the ground via a Satcom link: Arinc 429, CEPT E1, TOR.
  • WI-FI server: Server and Wi-Fi Modem providing passengers with on-board access in 802.11 a/b/g/n mode. The server provides access to Audio and Video programming for cabin passengers (Video On Demand). The product has the aeronautical qualifications for installation on commercial aircraft.

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