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Defence equipment

Defence equipment

The ACTIA group’s Automotive division and Telecom division combine substantial experience in on-board electronic systems, telecommunications systems and diagnostic solutions to meet the equipment needs of the Defence sector. This comprehensive offer incorporates the definition, development, qualification and production of electronic equipment and service provision in numerous fields: acquisition, management, transmission and monitoring of information, wired or wireless, on-board or off-board, in all harsh environments.

The ACTIA group is a partner of vehicle manufacturers and develops and produces systems designed for use in harsh environments (compatible with MIL and GAM standards).

  • Control - command equipment : ECU interface, on-board automatons, optronic measurement system, as well as a full range of instrumentation modules: gauges, displays, clusters.
  • Electronic management : as a forerunner in the field, the ACTIA group developed the early generations of multiplexed power management modules, compatible with the MIL standard and specifically certified for military use. Rugged and reliable, these ECUs can be used with customers' software configurations.
  • Power electronics : modular Li-ion battery systems that comply with military standards. The specific development of components and the flexible and controlled design of the whole system mean they can be adapted to all constraints (particularly size) and guarantee interoperability and communication between each module. ACTIA also offers Battery Management Systems.
  • Predictive and diagnostic maintenance: As a recognised leader in the field of electronic system diagnostics, ACTIA stays one step ahead with the implementation of preventive maintenance. Prognostics combined with ISS expertise make it possible to guarantee maximum availability of equipment in the operating field or as support.
  • Transmission: As specialists in broadband transmission standards, such as OFDM and Wi-Fi, etc., the ACTIA group’s Telecommunications division, ACTIA Telecom, offers high-speed phone, data, image and video transmission solutions suited to inshore links, surface drones (sea-to-sea), air-to-ground links and land links. ACTIA Telecom is also developing LORAN C radio navigation equipment.

ACTIA carries out activities in technical expertise, qualification and production according to specifications. Its areas of expertise cover both on-board software and hardware.

Providing a comprehensive offer of equipment dedicated to the defence sector

  • Control - Command equipment: operator interface for launch systems (fire-control position, control position).
  • Monitoring equipment (acquisition and processing, synchronisation and control, storage and retrieval, monitoring and management of data sets and data feeds).
  • Automatic LORAN C receivers (operating in hyperbolic or circular mode, automatic detection and tracking of stations).
  • On-board optronic measurement system on aircraft or ships, controlled remotely or locally (transmission, recording, local or remote archiving of images from a determined observation perimeter).
  • Simplex and duplex telecommunication equipment for data, video and voice transmission built into naval units and UMS (unmanned maritime systems) can be used remotely over a LAN/Ethernet network.
  • Equipment for collecting and storing on-board system information and data built into naval units.

ACTIA’s customers include key players such as DNCS, AIRBUS, THALES, AREVA TA, and RTD. They have placed their trust in us and have deployed our solutions across various strategic platforms:Charles de Gaulle aircraft carrier, Horizon-class frigates, La Fayette, European multi-purpose frigate, Device-Launching Nuclear Submarines, SNA, ATL2 aircraft, Armoured vehicles.